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WB2 Ian panel pics here at dropbox

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Ian Bohen answering all our prayers by finally doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (x)

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Ian Bohen’s ALS ice bucket challenge (x)

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I was able to meet Ian Bohen in Melbourne for the Creatures of the Night convention. At the cocktail party the night before the con, I asked him if he’d be able to sign a shirt I had for my best friend - who is American - and if he could do a little video message for her as she’s one of his biggest fans. Ian’s reply was "Yeah, sure! Just remind me when I’m signing the shirt and I’ll do it. But, don’t tell anyone." For those of you who can’t tell what he wrote it says; Katie! Miss you! X - Ian Bohen. Katie’s blog can be found here. I love you, boo! It was completely worth giving up my autograph and getting evil eyed by Ian’s person to get this done for you! ♥

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Peter Hale reacts to being touched in the sneak peek for Monstrous. (x)

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peter hale confuses me because he’s hot and then he’s a creep and then he’s a dad and then he’s a dick and then he’s hot again and idk

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Peter Hale meme → favourite outfit
"You wanna talk about it? See a family counselor?"

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Ian being hopeful about winning on Wolf Watch. (x)

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Dylan O’Brien for President

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